Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turtle Joke of the Day

How do turtles pay for things?
They shell out cash.

At The Animal Store, all our pets accept cash, but we also accept personal checks with proper ID, as well as all major credit cards and Animal Store Gift Cards.

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Photo credit:  Donatello by manlord.
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Chris said...

Funny pun.

Nice turtle photo. Is that an actual resident in your shop? My brother has a turtle much like this one that he named Midas, but my mother always frets over the turtle and calls him Mr. Turtle :)

Kenn said...

Hi, Chris,

This particular picture is not of one of our guests at The Animal Store (see photo credit). This is a great shot of a Red-eared Slider, and we do sell aquatic turtles just like it, as well may other kinds.

One of our permanent residents, a Sulcata Tortoise named "Spur", has been part of The Animal Store family for more than 16 years. Check back soon to see her picture, as she is very jealous that she has not yet been featured on the blog. Hope to see you soon. — Kenn —